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NIKE All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament


Congratulations to our Basketball Team for winning the championship in NIKE All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Basketball Tournament! After seven years, they have reclaimed the championship, making it their seventh victory and becoming the team with the most championships since the tournament's restructuring. Choi Ho Tung was selected as the Most Valuable Player, as well as the Best Defensive Player, Assist Leader, and Steal Leader! Captain Wu Wai Tsun, along with teammates Zhong Tsz Ho, Choi Ho Tung and Leung Tsz Sum, were also selected as players for the "All-Star Team."


The final took place on 4th February at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium and was a tightly contested match. In the first quarter, captain Wu Wai Tsun scored 9 points, all from three-pointers, and the game remained tied at 25-25.


The battle continued in the second quarter. Zhong Tsz Ho and Choi Ho Tung scored consecutive three-pointers, assisting Leung Tsz Sum and Long Yam in scoring inside the restricted area. Zhong Tsz Ho's outstanding performance, with successful assists and three-pointers, helped the college take a halftime lead of 42-35.


The College continued their pursuit of victory in the second half, with Choi Ho Tung showcasing his scoring abilities. This S.5 boy scored 12 points in a single quarter, leading the team to a 14-point lead. They finished the third quarter with a score of 65-51.


In the final quarter, our team maintained their dominance, with Choi Ho Tung scoring 5 points in the early stages and assisting captain Wu Wai Tsun in scoring. They went on a 7-0 run and ultimately secured a resounding 91-64 victory. With Choi Ho Tung’s 29 points and Wu Wai Tsun's 20 points, they defeated their opponents by over 20 points, reclaiming the championship for the seventh time since the 2016/17.


Choi Ho Tung, who scored a game-high 29 points in the final, was recognized as the hero of the championship. It was his first time being the standout player of the entire game, and in post-match interviews, he humbly attributed the victory to all his teammates and the team as a whole. He gratefully shed tears of joy, thanking his teammates who had always been by his side.


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the alumni, parents, teachers, students and friends who came to support and gave great encouragement to the players. Please join us in congratulating the team on their achievement and we hope they will continue to scale new heights in future competitions.


Individual Awards

Most Valuable Player: Choi Ho Tung (5C)

Best Defensive Player: Choi Ho Tung (5C)

Assist Leader: Choi Ho Tung (5C)

Steal Leader: Choi Ho Tung (5C)


All-Star Team

Wu Wai Tsun (5C)

Zhong Tsz Ho (5B)

Choi Ho Tung (5C)

Leung Tsz Sum (6E)


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